Max Ichiban - "Max's moods "


"Max's moods" regroups songs and pieces I recorded for my website
back in the beginning when I was offering a subscription to download 1 new original song or piece every 2 weeks,
hence the origin of the website's name "Max Songs Club";

The subscription idea didn't work out, but there seemed to be a certain interest in what I was doing
so I decided to continue and offer it for free, and keep the original website name and domain
since by then it was already receiving around 1000 visits per month.

It lasted for about a year;

Later on I joined the very famous which was THE place for independent artists at the time,
and uploaded several tracks there. "End joy" was downloaded over 1000 times which was surely encouraging.

I find that many good moments emerged from that journey;
I remixed and remastered the tracks and gathered them together to form this album.


  1. End joy (preview)
  2. Un faux mauvais numéro
  3. Un aréoport d'infractus
  4. La vie en noir et blanc
  5. Love me down
  6. Cogne fou* (preview)
  7. Let buy guns be bye guns
  8. À jamais
  9. Surfin' the surface
  10. Far away
  11. My body & me
  12. Little prayer (JWBWY intro)
  13. JWBWY (preview 12 & 13)
  14. The postman (preview)
  15. Scream
  16. Hall o' ween
  17. Toute jamais
  18. Country road



*Guitar solo on "Cogne fou" composed and performed by Sébastien Sauvé.

Cover art by Valérie Côté.

You can listen to the album for free on Spotify.


© 1994-2005 Max Songs Club