Max The Tape Recorder's Third Album


1. Spooky (Preview)
2. Temple
3. Nice day (Preview)
4. Jam
5. Heavy load of fear (like often being used) (discouraging...) (Preview)
6. 46/48
7. Will someone open the damn door??!?
8. I smell a Grammy!
9. Weird and cute little jam
10. Jam little cute and weird
11. And cute little weird jam
12. Cute jam little weird and
13. Dinosaurs mating time

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Max;
Cover art by Valérie Côté.



You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.



Tracks 1 to 5

Tracks 1 to 5 are BASE, which stands for "Beat Accompaniment Sound Exploration", where only one sound has been used for the music, mostly in its entire range (low, mid and high frequency ranges), with the addition of a beat (drums).

On this album I often used "fat" synth sounds for these BASE pieces.


Track 6: 46/48

This piece has 2 time signatures at the same time:

on the left the piece is in 4/4, and on the right the exact same piece (melody and accompaniment) is in 6/8.


Track 7: Will someone open the damn door??!?

Probably the most annoying piece I have ever recorded! ;)

It's also an experiment where I randomly assigned 2 notes to each of the 6 "different" instruments used (plus beat) out of the 12 semi-tones of the chromatic scale; Each instrument has it's 2 dinstinct notes and wouldn't play other notes.


Track 8: I smell a Grammy!

This is an experiment where I recorded the music on old (and very used) VHS tape using the Fostex E-8 multitrack machine, and at the speed of 30 inches-per-second! (Where the usual speed for VHS tape is under 2 ips!);

I used a T-120 VHS tape, and first I had to cut the tape in half to give 1/4 inch tape (VHS is 1/2 inch), which didn't always give perfect width ahah!, but was fine overall;

I then tried to calibrate the Fostex machine as best as I could; The results: I could not achieve 0db calibration because of some technical aspects (this machine is of course not made for this tape!), however it was high enough for the sound to be good with Dolby C, and with LOTS of high frequency volume (it's understandable recording at 30 ips on this kind of tape!)

A fun experiment, having fun with the music also! ;)


Tracks 9 to 12 - Weird and cute little jam (etc...)

These pieces were recorded using the TEAC A-3340 4-track machine at 15 ips;

This is the first machine ever (made in 1973) intended for home multitrack recording.


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