Max The Tape Recorder's Fifth Album


1. Natural machine (3:27)
2. Reach for the highest summit (3:33)
3. Festival in Vestifal (Total: 13:30)

Pre-lewd (The preparation)
Let the festival begin
Bread and games
Solidarity Anthem
The Deception
B.B. is watching
Fighting the system
Useless. It's all a mockery...

4. Free your mind* (3:35)
5. Imperial buildings anomalies & vertigo (5:03)
6. Slavery goes on (3:44)
7. Organ on Viagra

All tracks composed, all instruments performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and cover art by Max;

*Guitar solo on "Free your mind" composed and performed by Sergio Leyva.


Max TTR's heaviest album to date, with explorations of heavy synth sounds and drums.


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