Max The Tape Recorder's Sixth Album


1. Nature first
2. 1-2-3-4
4 segments:
3. (1) Cute tea
4. (2) QT
5. (3) Cue T
6. (4) Cue tips
7. Oh! Did I tell you?...
8. For Missy (toy synth)
9. Go FAQ yourself
10. Let’s shake things out (attaway) (orgasmic psychosis)
11. Big no-ease
12. In dust-trial times (and DOS trial-times 2)
13. Learning to sing (patience needed)

All tracks composed, all instruments performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, and cover art by Max;


Max TTR's 6th album explores different genres of music from popish to experimental, sometimes political with a touch of humor.

You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.


Comments on some of the tracks:

Track 1 - Nature first

I used an old recording I made many years ago of my cat Flanelle feeding her kittens;

I put the microphones directly under them. So cute.

Track 2 - 1-2-3-4

The voices used in this piece come from a very old "text-to-speech" program made in the mid 90's under Windows 95.

Track 7 - Oh! Did I tell you?...

I recorded this piece using an "endless" cassette probably made for phone answering machines;

The mechanism inside is similar to old 8-track cartridges where the tape comes from the middle and goes back on top (see photos below).

You can't rewind this kind of cassette! ;)

DSC03315.JPG DSC03312.JPG DSC03322.JPG DSC03333.JPG DSC03329.JPG

Track 8 – For Missy (toy synth)

This piece was recorded using a very small toy synth; Just to give you an idea, my fingers are actually bigger than the notes themselves, very hard to play!


Track 12 - In dust-trial times (and DOS trial-times 2)

This track is  BASE, which stands for "Beat Accompaniment Sound Exploration"

where only one sound has been used for the music, mostly in its entire range (low, mid and high frequency ranges), with the addition of a beat (drums).



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